Entrepreneurs — One Size Will Never Fit All

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Connie Ragen Green — Entrepreneurs — One Size Will Never Fit All

What I love most about entrepreneurship is that we all get to make our own rules and build businesses that suit our personalities, goals, and lifestyles. As a classroom teacher for twenty years I was expected to fit the mold; as an entrepreneur I am encouraged to be unique and innovative. Is this just my perception? I think not. Here is why the concept of entrepreneurs: one size will never fit all is more common than you ever may have thought.

Although there may be many commonalities among entrepreneurs when it comes to defining what entrepreneurship means to each of us and determining how you will run your business, one size will never fit all. I reached out to some of my colleagues to get their thoughts on this topic.

In a recent post, 5 Mindsets You Need to Be a Successful Entrepreneur and Grow in Your Personal Development, Gabbe Conde says:

Being an entrepreneur can be a healing journey. If being an entrepreneur is unlike anything your parents or other family members have done in their career, it often requires a brand new mindset and personal growth. When you’re first getting started, being an entrepreneur can be a bumpy road to success. You have the ability to succeed, but it takes clarity and commitment to do so.

Gabby goes on to share five things she has found helpful to supercharge her mindset and refocus when she needs it. #5 — Take Time for Creativity and Play — is my favorite:

One of the habits I put aside for so long was that of being creative. I used my creativity for my client’s projects. It gave me time to be creative while getting paid, but it was focused on what they wanted, on their projects instead of fully allowing myself to play. One of my clients would give me free range in my creative thought process. I loved working with him, but the turnaround times were grueling, sometimes only with 1 day notice to create an entire 5–7 page website with unique graphics and copywriting!

It wasn’t until I started A Cup of Zen and began creating ebooks, digital papers, and watercolor projects that I allowed myself time to play with creativity. The practice instantly made me feel calmer, more at peace, and more grounded and balanced. The effect, while seemingly subtle, also gave strength to my thoughts about what products I wanted to create and the overall direction of the business.

While most business tasks are based on planning and vision, sometimes, if you find yourself unclear about your direction, or just needing a re-focus break, playing with creativity in the form of art, writing, dance, music, or even daydreaming, is helpful.

Yes, creativity is important, but what about reality? Christiane Jechoux brings us back to what she believes is important with her post on entrepreneurship:

The Concept of the Dream, Versus the Real Thing…

So, your mind is made up. It’s a big word, but you got this.
You want to be an entrepreneur. This is your goal in life. Your vision. You’re Karma. You’re everything.
You have the fire inside of you, and you are ready to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. It’s your future, and come what may, you will be in control of it.

I applaud you. Honestly, I do. Because you know what? It’s not easy and it’s not going to get any easier.
But then, hey, you are now the ‘entrepreneur’, and what will now come in play — is so much different than if you would have taken the 9 to 5 route.

So I ask…
Are you willing to develop, organize and manage your business venture? Are you willing to put in the long hours? The personal doubts? The aggravations? Are you ready to seriously work at it, so that you can claim victory and profits?

If so, you have the fire inside of you — and you just may be able to call yourself an entrepreneur.

This sounds like serious business to me, but then my motto continues to be “If it isn’t fun, I don’t do it!” What about an entrepreneur who has brought Tarot card reading in as her “on-call” business coach. That would be Anne Bolender and she shares how she uses tarot to:

  • Gain clarity around situations where I’m confused or not completely convinced it’s the right thing to do — what is it that I’m really looking for here
  • Keep my business projects coherent and in alignment — is this project in alignment with what I’ve already created, with what I’m trying to create, with what my clients want, with what I enjoy doing?
  • Get and maintain my focus — knowing what the big picture is of what I’m trying to achieve, what’s my next step?
  • Develop and improve my business intuition — Tarot helps me verify if it’s my intuition nudging me towards or away from something, or if it’s my ego or fear instead.

I applaud Anne for sharing this unique perspective that more than proves the idea of entrepreneurs: one size will never fit all.

Perhaps the entrepreneur I resonate with most — at least today! — is Avery Wilmer. Her down to earth, yet sky is not the limit approach reminds me of myself in many ways. In her post on 5 Secrets No One Tells You About Being a Digital Entrepreneur, Avery shares:

I’ve released products with my heart pounding and my stomach in knots…only to not sell a single product.

I’ve launched new services, certain this was exactly what my clients would clamor for…only to hear crickets.

I’ve participated in digital events…that gave me almost no return for all of the time and energy I invested.

And you know what?

I don’t regret any of it. Because I needed the experience. I needed to learn how to put products together. I needed to learn how to make offers. I needed to learn how to network.

Even if a project doesn’t make you a single dime, it could still be one of the most valuable experiences in your business.

That’s because value isn’t just dollars.

Value is knowledge. Value is wisdom. Value is insight.

These things are not given to those who sit safely on the couch. These are hard-earned by those who dare to reach for what they want. To those bold enough to create their future as digital entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs. One size will never fit all. There will be good days and bad, and days when you know you have made the right decision to serve others with your unique gifts and talents. If you get bit by the entrepreneurial bug then by all means you must act on it. It could be the best decision you make in your life for many reasons.

Thia article was originally published on my site at https://connieragengreen.com/entrepreneurs-one-size-will-never-fit-all/.

I’m author, publisher, and entrepreneur Connie Ragen Green and I am here to serve you with my experience, knowledge, and ideas. Learn how to sell yourself to the world with your message and how to sell your products and services based on what you know with my all new online training course, How to Sell Yourself and Your Stuff. You’ll be more than glad you decided to come aboard!

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