Earning Income With Blogging

Connie Ragen Green
4 min readJan 21
Connie Ragen Green — Earning Income With Blogging

Mini Case Study: Earning $360,000 per Year for… Blogging?!

The best bloggers out there are absolutely killing it, earning far more than most people can even imagine. For example, Ryan Robinson is earning more than $30,000 per month simply from his blog. Not bad, right? Let’s discuss earning income with blogging in greater detail…

In Ryan’s case, it took him over two years to begin generating serious income from his blog. He launched the blog in 2014, and the first monthly income report he published was in 2018 for $9,322.

Generating traffic organically takes time and patience but it can pay off. Ryan says he doesn’t expect a new post to rank on page one of Google any sooner than after six months, if they rank at all.

Blogging will not get you rich overnight, but if you keep at it then you could build to a serious income over time. I began blogging soon after coming online in 2006, at the urging of an early mentor. I was not a writer and not even sure of my niche topic, but I committed to writing a short (250 words) post every day for a month.

My results came slowly at first, but while almost everyone else I knew at the time was giving up and searching for the next best thing, a few of us honed our writing and marketing skills and began earning regular income from our blogs. I now have three blogs — this one, my name site, and one where I share my life experiences and stories that are not related to my business.

Here’s how Ryan has found success:

1: He writes massive 10,000 words posts. These are enormous authority articles that sometimes rank for the most popular of keywords, such as “business ideas” which is a 100,000 monthly search volume keyword.

2: His favorite post is the listicle; huge, exhaustive lists such as ‘101 Business Ideas’ and ’70 Genius Ways to Make Money Online.’ These posts could easily be Kindle books but he chooses to place them on his site to bring in traffic.

3: His other favorite type of post is the ‘how to’ guide, such as How to Start a Blog and How to Start a Freelancing Business While Working Full Time. These are long, detailed and all-encompassing guides that Google loves to rank high.

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