Drop the Ego and Change Your Life

Connie Ragen Green
14 min readSep 19
Connie Ragen Green — Drop the Ego and Change Your Life

How to Drop the Ego Forever…

My journey from realizing that my ego was getting in the way of my life purpose and my success, to making the small shifts and not so small actions to get on the right track was a decades long process. This aspect of my life continues to be a focus as I now mentor and share with others how to drop the ego and change your life.

Once I was able to identify my personal issues and work on them in a way that made sense for me, it was like exhaling after being under water for a dangerously long time.

Not all aspects of ego are bad. Sometimes when people study the Buddhist teachings, they begin to get the idea that “all ego is bad.” But I think there’s a misunderstanding there. Not all aspects of ego are bad. So don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, as they say.

There is a mindfulness practice that will make an incredible difference in your life. The practice is around how to drop the ego and change your life — dropping my self-concern, my sense of being separate from everything else, and returning to wholeness with everything.

Ego isn’t a physical property but a perception of who you are — in other words, it’s a mindset. These 7 steps are designed to help you drop your ego by changing your thoughts and developing a healthier more balanced self-perception that allows you to blossom into your true greatness.

1. Recognize Your Insignificance in the Bigger Picture

The late journalist and speaker Christopher Hitchens described life as a party. Suddenly, you feel a tap on the shoulder and a voice says, “Party’s over…it’s time to go”, and the party goes on without you. Consider that very shortly on the continuum of time, you will be forgotten. Everything you’ve said, done or thought will be no more. Seasons will come and go, flowers will bloom and wither, and humanity will continue to evolve, and progress very well without you. It’s a very sobering thought. How does that make you feel?

This is the philosophy of insignificance. In a nutshell, it poses that your existence in the cosmic order is no more significant than that of an earthworm. Proponents of this philosophy assert that it’s not meant to be sad or pessimistic but rather, liberating, and…

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