Disciplined Entrepreneurship

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Connie Ragen Green

Over the course of my life I never would have used the word “disciplined” to describe myself. But that all changed once I started my online business and became an entrepreneur in 2006. Almost from the start I found joy in the discipline required to make everything come together each day. Every moment had to be accounted for. Tasks and activities were planned and scheduled. And the idea of “not feeling like it” became defunct in my realm of reality. Once I embraced the concept of staying disciplined, entrepreneurship became a joy to pursue.

Soon I realized I had become an expert in the areas of time management and productivity. When I was working I was completely focused on the task at hand. The projects came together and the time flew by in a joyous and productive manner. By ten o’clock or so each work day I had accomplished more than I ever could have imagined in my previous life. And I was proud of my work, which increased my confidence and self-esteem.

Along the way I had set up systems and this made all the difference as my business grew. Disciplined entrepreneurship pays off quickly.

Lori Winslow shared her knowledge of systems in her post on Entrepreneurship Requires Discipline:

Systems can be simple. For example, a checklist for each blog post that you write may include things like, SEO Friendly Title, Call to Action at the end of the post, Images to use, and a reminder to share to social media sites — you get the idea. A checklist is a system and you can find checklists that others are using and then adapt it for your business.

As your business becomes more successful, you will want to be able to outsource tasks, that you don’t like doing, aren’t really good at doing, or that just take up too much or your valuable time. Having systems already in place allows you to more easily see the tasks you can outsource and it helps you to explain what you expect from the person you are delegating that specific task to.

Without systems, it is harder. I’m not saying you won’t be successful, just that it will feel like more work and less reward if you can’t ever be away from your business. If every time you write a blog post, you have to stop and take the time to think — is there anything I forgot — it seems harder because it is harder. But you are making it harder.

It was lonely in the beginning, as I spent most of each morning sitting in front of my computer and away from any other humans. But soon I realized I wasn’t alone at all. There were countless people all over the world who had my same dream of financial freedom to live the lifestyle of our dreams. Systems help me to stay true to my disciplined entrepreneurship as I continue to build and grow my business.

In her post on Entrepreneurs Start Alone…but not for long Gail Seignious has this to say:

Entrepreneurs start alone… but not for long!

Entrepreneurs start alone… but not for long! They are willing to take risks, and they are comfortable with solitude as they ignite their passion. However, they have someone they admire as being successful whom they respect as role models.

They are confident with their talents and know when to seek the advice of professionals. They value relationships from those who challenge them to think and evolve in their work and personal lives.

Entrepreneurs Have Freedom to Make Choices

Being an entrepreneur gives me the freedom to make choices to enrich my life and the lives of those I touch. It hasn’t always been easy… especially when I was working full time.

Connecting with successful entrepreneurs like Mark Hendricks, Connie Ragen Green and Angela Wills has certainly made the journey smoother. Plus, these connections are the building blocks to the foundation, and they are priceless!

Social media could be both a help and a hindrance to entrepreneurs who are working alone from home and struggling to stay focused and disciplined at the same time. When it comes to marketing, social media is an excellent place to be, as shared by Wendy LugoSantiago in her recent post, 3 Benefits I See for Entrepreneurs in Social Media Marketing:

It doesn’t matter if you like being on video or not, if you like writing or not, if you’re a creative or not, there is a way for you personally to use social media to market your business. There are in fact so many ways to use social media to market your business that there is for sure one that works for you. Let’s say you don’t feel comfortable on video and you really don’t like writing that much, guess what? You can do podcasts. And on the other hand, if you’re very creative but you have an issue with video and speaking, then just go ahead and create beautiful graphics. So there’s always a way in social media to market your business, no matter what your preferences are.

I would caution against spending too much of your valuable time on social media. My motto continues to be “Get in, get out, and get back to work!” It’s easy to tell yourself you’re working every minute you spend on social media sites, but take a closer look and you may see that it is community you are craving and this is an easy fix. Self-discipline means you are cognizant of how you spend every hour during your work day.

Disciplined entrepreneurship is the path to time and financial freedom. Keep your eye on your goal and take steps each day to move closer to it.

This article was originally published on my site at https://hugeprofitstinylist.com/disciplined-entrepreneurship/.

I’m author, publisher, and entrepreneur Connie Ragen Green and would love to connect with you. If you’re new to the world of online entrepreneurship please check out my training on how to sell yourself at Sell Yourself and Your Stuff and learn how to gain an unfair advantage when it comes to building a lucrative online business.

Online marketing strategist, author, speaker, and publisher working with entrepreneurs on six continents. https://ConnieRagenGreen.com

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