Creating Your Five Year Plan

Connie Ragen Green
8 min readOct 30
Connie Ragen Green — Creating Your Five Year Plan

Having goals and dreams is a wonderful thing and a part of being human. However, if you do not have a plan for turning those dreams into reality and reaching those goals, that is all they will ever be… dreams. Do you have such a plan? If not, what I’m sharing with you here will help you with creating your five year plan, to move closer to where you want to be in your life.

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Every business has a 5-year plan for where it wants to go. So do governments and other large organizations. Not just any plan, either, but a strategic one that takes into account the environment, its strengths and weaknesses, and other factors.

Business leaders long ago realized that not having such a plan made them much more likely to fail, even if the business had clearly articulated goals.

Such is also the case with individuals. You have to know first where you want to go and secondly, how you intend to get there if you want to make it. Would you ever set out on a road trip without knowing where you were going and how to get there? Of course not. And I can speak from personal experience in this area; I traveled across the United States and back again during a three week period in 2016, and later published a book — The Road Trip: An Entrepreneur’s Journey of Self-Discovery — about my travels.

Making that cross-country trip without a plan would have been a recipe for failure. With any road trip, you might eventually make it, but it would be unlikely and would take a lot of extra time and trouble. The same thing is true about reaching your goals. That is why you need to create a personal strategic plan for reaching your goals over the next 5 years, and I will help you with creating your five year plan.

I’ll start by explaining what constitutes a personal strategic plan and what makes it different from a normal plan. I will then discuss the advantages and disadvantages of making such a plan.

After that, the bulk of what I will share with you will be devoted to teaching you how to craft a personal strategic plan tailored to your goals and dreams. Finally, I will discuss how to turn that plan into action and wrap up with a short…

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