Content Curation: Why Curating Content Makes Sense

If You Aren’t Yet Curating Content, You’ll Want to Read Everything I’m Sharing Here…

Connie Ragen Green — Content Curation: Why Curating Content Makes Sense

Content makes the online world go ’round. There are a variety of methods you can employ when it comes to content creation, including writing and creating your own original content, using private label rights (PLR) content, and guest posting. Another way to create valuable content is to use a strategy referred to as “curation.” I’ve done this numerous times over the years and love how fast and effective this can be as you grow your business.

This type of “curated” content is content based on someone else’s original writing and then expanded upon by you with your thoughts, opinions, and examples. There are many excellent writers on every topic you can think of whom regularly create content that can be curated. In my business I’ve used writing from people like James Clear, Seth Godin, Pamela Slim, and Neil Patel to curate my own articles and posts. They teach and inspire me and I like to put my own spin and perspective on their work and ideas to connect my audience to these new concepts. Everyone wins with curation.

For my curation within blog posts, I select a portion of what someone else has written and share it within my post. I give full attribution and include a link back to their original article. Then I reach out to the author personally to let them know what I have created and to thank them for sharing their thoughts and ideas.

Curation goes well beyond the written word. Recently I curated an article on my other blog and then repurposed the information into one of my podcasts. I also curate images from Insight of the Day every morning for my Twitter feed. Online business expert Donna Gunter recently shared 7 Proven Ways to Use Digital Content Curation to Become a Recognized Authority in Your Industry and I love what she included as her seventh strategy:

Take a look at your content creation calendar and think about adding curated content to your schedule. Content curation makes sense for all of us and provides your audience with additional perspectives on the topics you cover. Curation is also another way to build relationships with thought leaders, colleagues, and anyone with whom you wish to connect with further. Be sure to read my most recently curated and published article on entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship… No One Promised Us a Rose Garden.

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