Call to Action: Where You Need a Strong CTA

Connie Ragen Green
5 min readNov 13, 2021

Why You Must Ask For What You Want and Tell Your Prospects What Action to Take Next

Connie Ragen Green — Call to Action: Where You Need a Strong CTA

Places Where You Need a Strong CTA (Call to Action)

First of all, let’s review the concept of a “call to action.” The abbreviation for this is CTA and it’s a marketing term. This describes the part of your sales letter, email message, web page, blog post, article, a social media update and any other other content that you create that helps make the sale. It’s the “call” you create for your audience to entice them to “take action,” such as opting in for a free report or other gift, or making a purchase.

All the stages of your customers’ buying cycle need a strong CTA. The right call to action at the right time is imperative if you want to have a good return on investment, keep building your list, and influence your audience with your products and/or services. There are numerous places to put a strong call to action; let’s look at a few.

Above the Fold

When you see advice to place your CTA “above the fold,” this involves knowing what your audience sees when they click on your email, website, or other form of content. It is important when determining where “above the fold” (which is the time before your audience must scroll or swipe) to place your CTA.

This is not always right as your audience clicks through to the page because they may not know anything about you yet. You should find a way to tell them how you’ll solve their problems prior to placing the CTA. One way to deal with this is to use multiple CTAs.

Call to Action at the Bottom

Most people are used to scrolling today. Therefore, always putting a CTA at the bottom of your copy is a great way to ensure that your audience, who reads everything easily, locates the “what to do next” button, (i.e. your CTA button). You don’t want to make it hard for people who read and engage with your content to figure out what they should do next.

Below the Fold

Whenever you choose to place a CTA below the fold, it’s important that you use directional cues to point to the CTA. You can do this with content, images, and even actual arrows. This works great when you’re using a storyboard or infographic to…

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