Building a Community of Like-Minded Individuals

Connie Ragen Green
6 min readFeb 5, 2020
Connie Ragen Green — Building a Community of Like-Minded Individuals

Why Building a Community of Like-Minded Individuals Who are Solid and Supportive Makes Sense

Community adds meaning to life and creates stronger connections between you and the world around you. There are many ways to build your community. It is all about what is realistic and fun for you. It does require effort and attention to develop new relationships. Talk to those you care about and actively listen to them as you are building your community of like minded individuals.

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Increasing resilience means building a strong support community. You don’t need to have many people in your support group, but it’s important to reach out and make new connections when needed. I had to do this when I left my job as a classroom teacher, gave away my long-time real estate clients, and came online as a writer, publisher, and entrepreneur in 2006. I found that building a community of like-minded individuals started with deciding who I really was and then finding the people I resonated with in the new city where I was living. These people were at the Rotary meeting and part of various charity events and fundraisers I soon became a part of in my daily life.

A community is strong catalyst for a meaningful life. Having others to share our highs and lows with gives a stronger sense of purpose and acceptance. When we’re going through difficult times, it’s of the utmost importance to hold on to a community.

Other people can serve as guideposts, cheerleaders, and supporters when we let them in. Building a community of like-minded individuals is a vulnerable thing to do because you have to reveal parts of yourself that show you might not be perfect. It might feel scary at first, and then it will feel freeing and relieving. And it’s okay if you do not agree with everything your new friends say and do.

Try these techniques to build your community of like-minded individuals:

Analyze your community. Look at the people around you and examine your relationships with them. Do they need to be closer? Do you need to meet more people? Are there ways you can open up…



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