Build Your Six-Figure Business With One Book

Connie Ragen Green
18 min readAug 10, 2022

How To Build a Six Figure Business With One Book

Connie Ragen Green — Build Your Six-Figure Business with One Book

With one book, you can build a six figure business that pays you year in and year out, even if you never write another book again. Your book can be a physical book, eBook or even an audio book. Let’s discuss how to build your six figure business with one book…

I recommend you start with an eBook so that you can instantly send it to anyone you choose and not have to bother with mailing a physical copy. Then when you’re ready, you can offer a printed version and even an audio version, too.

Keep in mind the vast majority of your profits won’t be directly from the book. Rather, you might think of your book as the leverage that opens doors to vast opportunities and sales of products and services.

It’s the book that will make you known to the world as the expert. It’s the book that will get you interviews on podcasts and radio shows. It’s the book that will give you enormous credibility that turns strangers into prospects and prospects into lifelong customers.

If it sounds like your book will possess nearly magical powers, you’re right. I don’t know of any other one thing that has the power to make you as much money as a book does, if you do it correctly.

To explain how this works, I’m going to assume that you have some sort of product or service to offer, even if it’s simply as an affiliate. And I’ll couple that with the expectation that you’ll be writing a non-fiction book. True, if you write the next Harry Potter series you can be rich indeed but doing that is akin to winning the lottery. Not to mention that you must continue to churn out books for some time to have a complete series.

Of course, if you can write fiction that grabs people’s attention in the first paragraph and doesn’t let go until the final page, then I encourage you to write fiction.
For the other 99.9% of us mere mortals, let’s talk about your non-fiction book.

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