Blogging Gone Viral as a Concept

Connie Ragen Green
4 min readOct 23, 2021

Blogging Gone Viral is a Worthy Goal for Your Business

Connie Ragen Green — Blogging Gone Viral as a Concept

After blogging successful since 2006, I highly recommend you encourage your blog’s almost natural, viral ability. Everyone wants their blog post to go viral — to be picked up by news publications and hailed as a blockbuster of sorts. But viral can mean many things, and if your content is converting well, it may not have to travel far to have the financial impact you’re looking for. The goal of achieving the “blogging gone viral” concept may be closer than you think.

Make sure you’re using social sharing buttons on your blog posts. They should be at the top and bottom of your blog. Some people even have a hovering button that follows the reader as they scroll.

These can allow people to share the information via email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and more. You can tailor it to your needs. Just add whichever one you feel looks best with your blog aesthetic and let it work on your behalf to increase traffic and branding.

Remind your readers to share the content with others. People often need that blatant call to action in order to do something. They may be so engrossed in your overall message that they hadn’t thought about sending it to a friend or sharing it on Facebook, so that simple nudge in the right direction can make a big difference.

Also, share the blog yourself — with a snippet from the post that entices a reaction on various social media platforms. Engage everywhere — with comments on your Facebook post, on Twitter, in emails, etc.

There is no perfect template that works 100% of the time for all bloggers. As the weeks and months go on, you’ll get a feel by the statistics on your blog as to what your readers respond most to.

You’ll continually tweak and improve your blog formula until it converts highly for you and becomes the epitome of what other bloggers in your niche strive to be like. The one thing you have to remember is, it takes time to hone your skills and find your groove, so don’t give up after one or two posts — just pinpoint what your audience needs and then deliver it!

Blogging Gone Viral Requires You to Link Out Appropriately

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