Blogging As a Life Hack

Connie Ragen Green
10 min readJul 29, 2022

How to Use Blogging As a Life Hack for Mental Health

Connie Ragen Green — Blogging As a Life Hack

Life hacks are a great way to take a concept that may be new to you and apply it to your own circumstances to give you a greater sense of personal satisfaction. There are life hacks for organization, career building, relationships and even health. I often think of blogging as a life hack for mental health as one worth exploring.

There are also many life hacks that assist you with improving your state of mind. Mental health life hacks alleviate stress, encourage and motivate you to be and do your best. Blogging is one tool that can have a life changing effect on you.

Enrich Your Life By Blogging for an Audience

Helping others can take the focus off of you as you navigate life’s ups and downs, twists and turns and showcase how you handle circumstances that present obstacles to you. Putting your struggles out there to the interested public can benefit you in several ways.

Having a blog means you have to maintain consistency for your audience. Whether you publish daily, several times a week or once a week, your audience will expect to hear from you.

If you’re blogging about your personal journey and growth, it forces you to be observant about life and reflect on your actions and behaviors on a regular basis. This is good for you because most people merely bury this information and glide through life without being able to make substantial, meaningful change.

Your audience won’t just be there to learn from you, either. A blog often creates a sense of community, and with you on center stage, it means you’ll have a bevy of friends at your disposal to help you make sense of anything confusing.

They’ll also be there to confront you about your mistakes, such as a lack of consistency or willingness to be honest about what you’re going through. They help you shine a light on your issues and make you take personal responsibility for them.

Having a blog for your own mental health means you get to explore the depths of your mind — and see how your point of view is impacted by your past, present and future experiences.

If your audience grows to a global size, where you have people reading from many different countries…

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