Best Practices for Profiting with Warrior Plus

Connie Ragen Green
10 min readJan 27, 2024
Connie Ragen Green — Best Practices for Warrior Plus

Becoming a Successful Warrior Plus Member

Warrior Plus is one of the top marketing platforms for digital vendors and affiliates, but for newbies, it can seem intimidating if you don’t know how to make your efforts there successful. Here, I’ll share some best practices for Warrior Plus to make your experience a satisfying and profitable one from the beginning.

The one thing you might focus on is the technical steps — registering on the platform, creating listings and offers, and so on. But there’s so much more to succeeding than just these tasks.

There’s a strategic component that matters a lot, because on this platform, you have conversion rates, ratings and reviews as well as scores and badges that tell people whether or not others appreciate your work.

This can attract or repel affiliates and vendors from working with you, so it’s imperative to make sure you spend time mastering these aspects of marketing on the Warrior Plus platform as well.

Below, you’re going to see two parts to this report teaching you best practices on Warrior Plus — one from the vendor perspective and the other from the affiliate side of things.

Best Practices for Warrior Plus As a Vendor

Being a vendor comes with its own set of responsibilities. Consumers are relying on you to deliver your very best information that provides value to them for their needs. Affiliates need the same, but for different reasons — so their own subscribers will appreciate the recommendation they made.

There are nine basic principles you can adhere to that will ensure you’re doing your best as a Warrior Plus vendor, starting with maintaining quality to keep refunds low. Having a high refund rate will set off alarm bells with affiliates and it serves as an obvious sign that you’re not serving the needs of your customers.

Never lie on the sales page and when you do create a product, be thorough and complete with your information. The second thing to know is that you should launch full funnels, not just a single product.

With a funnel, your customers are getting a valuable front end item at a launch discount, with upgrades that complement the…



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