Angela Wills: Easy Hacks to Build a Business and Live Your Life

Angela Wills
Angela Wills

This is a guest post from my friend and colleague Angela Wills. She has invited me to speak on her telesummit called “Because Life Can’t Wait” and you may attend as my guest here.

Hi there. I’m so excited to introduce myself and thankful to Connie for inviting me to write a guest post for her blog.

I’m Angela Wills and like Connie I’ve been running a full-time online business for many years now. In fact, I’m celebrating my 10-year “Quitaversary” on May 24th. To celebrate I’ve invited awesome people like Connie to come speak at my Telesummit and share their best tips and advice for creating a laptop lifestyle. For today, it’s my turn to share!

Over and over people tell me they just don’t have time to work on their business, that life is getting in the way, surprises are popping up and they are waiting for “things to calm down” before they get serious about a freedom lifestyle business.

I totally get it. I started my first business as a single mom who was working an afternoon shift at a factory while building my business. I also broke my ankle so bad a few years ago I could not walk for three months. Then I had my second child just three years ago and still managed to keep my business going strong.

It CAN be done and I’m going to give you the best hacks I’ve learned for making things work when life is pulling on so many of your resources you think you might not have any left…

Hack 1: Use What You’ve Got

The biggest mistake people make is thinking they need something new to be profitable online and that what they already have, or know, isn’t good enough. You have something right now that is very likely a business in the making. Whether that be some form of content (written, visual, audio, video) or some skill or some information that you can share and immediately help people with. There is a time to learn and a time to just take action. If you’re in need of income and life is keeping you just too busy for “extra”, use what you’ve got.

Hack 2: Reuse What Worked

So if you’ve done anything before that worked, use it again. I employed this method over and over in the first few months of my daughter’s arrival when I literally had about 30 minutes per week some weeks to spend time on my business. I reused emails, I recycled blog posts and I brought back products. There was ZERO new creation going on because I just did not have the time.

Hack 3: Automate like a Maniac

My favorite story to tell of automated emails to sales was that time I was in labor with my daughter and sales were coming in for a product I had just released. Yep… that was fun and it certainly makes for a good example of how automation can work for you when you’re kinda busy with other stuff lol. If you have any chance to do so, automate the things you can like email, blog posts, social media posts, etc. These keep working for you when you’re not able to work.

Hack 4: Work Only on What Gets Results

When you’re super limited on time you need to only do the things that get you results. I found out pretty quickly that if I wasted my 30 minutes for that week I was out of luck for additional income that week and that was not ok with me. So I focused on results-only activities.

These are hacks for when you’re time-crunched in a big way. When you get your bearings back and you do get some time freed up in your life then you’ll want to put it out of maintenance mode, unleash your creativity and invest time into all the important areas of your business. You’ll also want to explore recurring income, passive income and outsourcing to get you mega leverage for creating freedom in your life. But when things are tight it’s so much better to do something than it is to do absolutely nothing, for weeks or months on end.

Don’t hold off on your business because life is too busy, use that as a reason TO build your business! I can assure you when you create that freedom time seems to take on a whole different meaning. The things you thought were keeping you from business just seem to move out of the way or are dealt with and moved on from much faster than you thought possible.

All the best as you build your Laptop Lifestyle!

Angela Wills

Connie Ragen Green here…Angela Wills is an awesome marketer and wonderful human being. I had the opportunity to spend time with her and her two gorgeous children while I was in Toronto, Ontario Canada speaking at a live event. Please join us for Angela’s telesummit called “Because Life Can’t Wait” and you may attend as my guest here.

Online marketing strategist, author, speaker, and publisher working with entrepreneurs on six continents.

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