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Connie Ragen Green — Almost No Writing Required

Almost No Writing Required: How to Create Compelling, Shareable Content Without Writing More Than a Few Words

Does the thought of blogging every day or two leave you cold? You are not alone. In fact, if you ask most any online business owner what their most dreaded task is, blogging will likely rank right up there with bookkeeping and cold calling. With few exceptions, most people simply do not like to write, so they find any excuse not to do it. When you don’t publish fresh content regularly you quickly see the impact this has on your business. And as you can imagine, your traffic and sales suffers for it. You dream of having an “almost no writing required” online business.

The good news is this; if you hate to write or feel you’re just not good at it, there are plenty of other ways to create shareable content on a regular basis without ever putting your fingers to a keyboard (much).

Crowdsource with Guest Blogging and Cross Blogging,

Despite Google’s apparent dislike for it, guest blogging is still a fantastic way to both generate content and get in front of a whole new audience. Other bloggers, marketers, coaches and service providers are looking for ways to grow their audiences, and many of them would jump at the chance to appear as a guest on your blog. This is a win-win for both of you.

Not into guest blogging? What about a text interview or cross-blog conversation? Simply supply a list of questions to your interviewee, and post her responses. The interview format is perfect for introducing your audience to someone they might want to get to know better.

A cross-blog conversation requires a little more work on your part but it can be a fun way for your readers to get to know you a bit better. A cross-blog conversation is exactly what it sounds like: a discussion that takes place on two different blogs, with you and your blogging partner both offering opinions about a topic, just as if you were having a chat over coffee. When I was first online this took the form of multiple people discussing topics across several blogs and was known as a “blog carnival.” I’m not sure why this popular strategy lost interest among bloggers and marketers.

Audio and Video

Podcasting and video blogs are more popular than ever and they’re perfect for those who do not care for writing. With either type of content, all that’s required is you, sharing your thoughts. You don’t have to do anything as involved or complex as interviews, and you certainly do not have to hire a studio for a day to record a series of “professional” videos.

You can create podcasts and video blogs with nothing more than your laptop with its built-in camera or a headset and an audio recorder. Just fire up your computer and share your thoughts. Don’t worry about perfection; your visitors will love a chance to see the real you!

Almost No Writing Required with Curation

If you are like most people, you very likely share a variety of content on your social media accounts. You point out articles you’ve read, videos you’ve enjoyed, infographics that explain a complex idea in a simple way. It’s part of what makes social media fun and informational.

But what if you took your sharing one step further, and posted your thoughts on your blog first, before linking on social media or sending out an email broadcast to your list?

The result of this curation technique, where you add your opinion with a link to the original article or video, is that you drive traffic to your site rather than someone else’s. Not only that, but it gives you more opportunity to start a conversation with your readers about the content you are sharing. I curate about thirty percent of my posts and build relationships with the original writers and thought leaders along the way.

Relying on Google or the other search engines to send you steady, targeted traffic can be an exercise in frustration or futility. A better method is to encourage sharing on social media. But if you’re not a wordsmith, creating content can seem an overwhelming task. Rather than giving up and letting your blog languish, explore some of these other ways to create content your readers will enjoy and share with almost no writing required.

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