Affiliate Marketing Challenge — 10 Days to Profit

Connie Ragen Green
18 min readMay 31, 2022

How to Earn Income by Recommending What You Love

Connie Ragen Green — Affiliate Marketing Challenge — 10 Days to Profit

Welcome to my 10-Day Affiliate Marketing Challenge! This is an exciting journey to be on because as an affiliate marketer, you’re able to have so much flexibility and unlimited earnings in return.

This is one of the few business models with an extremely low financial requirement (in fact, you could do it for nothing if you wanted to, but we’ll go with some basic tools and keep costs under twenty dollars a month).

Day 1: Pick a Profit-Pulling Niche

Your first task during this affiliate marketing challenge is to spend some time strategically choosing a niche. There are a few criteria I recommend in order to make this a successful pursuit. First and foremost, don’t pick a niche you have no true interest in.

You don’t want to have to feign interest in a topic, and as you’ll soon see, your enthusiasm and knowledge can help you build a loyal audience who routinely buys products through your links.

Another thing you want to look for is a niche where there are ample products to promote. You can choose a niche that has both digital and tangible products in it, if you want to expand the possibilities for your promos.

These would include niches like gardening, survival, anti-aging, weight loss, fitness, pet care, and more. All of these niches have consumers who buy products to use, but also some to learn from, like courses that teach them how to build a homestead or how to maintain good brain health as they age.

There are some niches, such as toys, where there won’t be a digital course opportunity to promote — and some, such as marketing, where the tangible products are few (if any) to be found.

Choose something you’re both excited about and that you can earn from. Whether it’s cooking or golf, painting or parenting — you want to immerse yourself in a niche where your insight is going to be valuable to your audience.

Look up affiliate programs for your niche and see what the price point is of the products and courses, and then see what your commission rate would be. If you see that your content efforts will be worthwhile as an affiliate, then it might be something you want to…

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