Adrienne Dupree on How to Leave the Corporate World Behind

Adrienne Dupree is someone you’ll want to know and to learn from. She and I originally met at Armand Morin’s live event in Atlanta in the fall of 2010 and I was immediately drawn to her kindness, intelligence, and integrity. Eventually she joined my Mentor Program and is now quite successful in her own right. She is best known for “leaving the corporate world behind” at the end of 2015 in order to pursue her dream of entrepreneurship.

With so many business models to choose from, Adrienne worked through some of these on her way to success. A bestselling author, you can find out more by reading her book, Leave the Corporate World Behind, where she and others share their experiences of leaving the corporate world behind in favor of entrepreneurship. This is a must read if you are thinking of making this jump in your own career.

Adrienne has been extremely successful with selling on Amazon, and during this interview I ask her specific questions about this journey, as well as the step by step details of how someone can get started with retail arbitrage and wholesaling physical products to sell online. She is quite forthcoming with how she is doing it, something I greatly admire. Even though she was not an overnight success with this, her determination to succeed and perseverance in trying out what she learned to see which methods and strategies work best for her. This is the true measure of a leader, in my honest opinion.

Ask anyone who has met Adrienne in person and they will tell you that she is highly intelligent, generous to a fault, and anxious to learn as much as she can to grow her business and to help others reach their own goals and dreams. I know you will enjoy this podcast interview as you get to know her much better. She and I now work together to help new online entrepreneurs through the 10K Laser Coaching Program. Please take a look to see if this would be helpful for you or for someone you know.

Listen to this interview by going to Online entrepreneurship can become your way of life as well.

Online marketing strategist, author, speaker, and publisher working with entrepreneurs on six continents.

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