Accountability Partners to Help You Grow Your Business

Connie Ragen Green
11 min readOct 3, 2022
Connie Ragen Green — Accountability Partners to Help You Grow Your Business

Accountability Partners… Helping Each Other to Achieve Worthy Goals

Accountability partnerships are a great way to challenge yourself and let go of excuses. With one or two accountability partners in your life, it’s harder to ignore your goals because you “just don’t feel like getting anything done”. When you have someone you have to report to weekly, you work harder than usual because you don’t want to let your partner down.

But keeping track of each other’s goals and celebrating successes isn’t the only thing that you and your accountability partner can do together. There are many ways that solopreneurs and small business owners can help each other besides accountability.

Accountability Partners Can Help with Brainstorming

Have you ever had an idea for a great project but you just couldn’t find a name that captured it perfectly? With an accountability partner, you can try brainstorming to come up with a title that you love. Of course, your accountability partner can help you brainstorm many things besides a project name. Together, you can brainstorm domain ideas, marketing strategies, podcast episodes, and webinar content.

An Accountability Partner Can Test Your Products

Nothing’s quite as scary as launching a new product and no one understands that fear like another solopreneur or small business owner. One of the ways that accountability partners can help each other is by testing products before they’re officially released. For example, if you have a website and you set up a shopping cart, you’ll want someone to test it for you.

Your accountability partner can help by testing your cart and sharing their honest feedback. Your partner might tell you that your cart is broken or point out an area where you’re missing out on additional sales. By testing products for each other, you and your partner are making your products even better for your customers.

An Accountability Partner Can Help You Create a Joint Venture

If you have an accountability partner that you’ve clicked with, then it might be time to take the next step together — creating a joint venture. This approach works well when…

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