30 Minute Marketing Success Plan

Connie Ragen Green
13 min readMay 4, 2023
Connie Ragen Green — 30 Minute Marketing Success Plan

30 Minute Marketing Success Plan and System

There is so much opportunity to start and grow an online business, so it’s a shame that many people count themselves out simply because they don’t feel they have enough time to pursue this career path. The 30 Minute Marketing Success Plan I’m sharing here will make sense for your success as an online entrepreneur.

The reality is, men and women have launched their online-based business with stolen moments throughout the day, including days where they only had half an hour or less to make progress. This describes how I began in late 2005, while I was still working full time as a classroom teacher, as well as part-time in real estate.

Each weekday morning, on the way to school I would pull into the parking lot of the post office a few blocks away. That is where I would make notes of my next blog post and choose something to recommend through an affiliate link. This got me started and gave me hope that I would succeed and be able to work exclusively online very soon.

If you truly want this to be an option for you, you’re going to learn how to start and grow a business with just 30 minutes per day. In order for this to work, you have to carve out half an hour that is free from distractions, where you can be laser focused on your tasks. You’re an entrepreneur now, so consult with yourself as though you were your own consulting client.

You’ll need to work quickly and methodically so that not a minute is wasted. You can do this at any time of day — as soon as you wake up, before you get ready to go to your offline job, on your lunch hour, or at the end of the day before bed. The key to success is with persistence and consistency.

The 30 Minute Marketing Success Plan and System is one that will allow you to streamline your to do list so that you are knocking out tasks on a Monday-Friday schedule, freeing you up for relaxation and a re-energized spirit for the week ahead.

Week 1 of Your 30 Minute Marketing Success Plan Start-Up

To start growing your business, use your entire 30 minutes each day on the primary decisions you have to make in your business. For one week, your half hour will not be split up as much as it is after the…



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